Q. What is a typical vacation stay at the Mas de la Fourbine?

A. We typically have groups come for periods of one week to one month.  We are not a B&B and can not accommodate people who want to come for less than a week.

Q. I love your extra virgin olive oil.  Can I buy some? 

A. We harvest our olives in the late fall.  We always give our renters a bottle of olive oil for them to use during their stay.  When we have sufficient quantities left, we are happy to sell you as many bottles as you wish.   We may be able to ship oil to your home, depending upon where you live.

Q.  Are there restaurants in the area?

A. There are many, from cafes to Michelin 3 star restaurants.  We can provide you with a list of our favorites.  It is always a good idea to make reservations.

Q. Do you do weddings and special events at the Mas?

 A. Yes. We have an in-house Event Planner who would love to help you plan a wedding or another kind of event.  She has had years of experience.  Please email us for proposals and rates.

Q. I would like to play golf while I am in Provence. Can you help me?

A. Yes, we can direct you to some excellent golf courses. We can also create a custom golf week just for you and your guests.  There are at least 8 golf courses in the area.

Q. I would like a personal chef to do the cooking. What does it cost and how do I make arrangements?

A. Let us know what you would like and we will create a customized proposal for your exact needs.

Q. Are our pets allowed to come with us to the Mas?

A. No, we do not accept any pets.

Q. Is the pool heated?

A. The pool is heated by the sun. It is very warm in the summer and an artifically heated pool would be too hot.

Q. How do I make arrangements to ride horses?

A.  Let us know and we will direct you in the right direction. There are lots of horses in the area.

Q. How is cell phone reception at the Mas? 

A. Our walls are very thick.  I find reception to be best upstairs and outside. 

Q. I would like to take the fast TGV train from Paris to Provence.  Is this complicated?

A. Here are two links: (http://www.sncf.com/en/trains/tgv)  or (http://www.tgv.com/) to get information about the trains. We can also help you make arrangements. The fast train or TGV arrives in Avignon and Aix en Provence.  We are a little closer to the Avignon station.

Q. Can I rent a car from the TGV train station?

A. Yes that is possible.  We have found that you will get a better price if you make all your car rental reservation before you leave for France.

Q. We are interested in wine tasting while we are in the region. Can you suggest vineyards for us to visit?

A. Yes. There are many vinyards in our area.  They all welcome visitors and you can buy wines from them.

Q. I am interested in taking some cooking lessons. Can you arrange for this?

A. Given enough lead time, we can help you out. Oustau de Baumanière in Les Baux de Provence offers lessons and there are personal chefs who can come to the Mas and give you and your party personal lessons. We can make other suggestions too.

Q. What type of electrical outlets are in the Mas?

A. The house has traditional French outlets, which are 240 volt Type E, 2 pin socket. You can use items that work with both 120v and 240v, but not items that only work on 120v. Things like cell phone chargers and computer chargers usually work with an adapter. If your plug has a flat surface, the circular outlet may prevent it from being plugged in completely. Some of the Universal adapters compensate for this protrusion. For your convenience there are hair dryers in all the bedrooms.

Q. Are there any museums in the area?

A. Yes. There are lots of museums in the area.  One of my favorites is the Cathedrale des Images and the ruins of an ancient castle in Les Baux.  There are excellet museum in Arles as well as Roman ruins in both Arles, Nimes and St. Remy. Bring a Michelin Green Guide with you, you will have lots of places to visit.

Q. What travel guides should I bring with me?

A. Before leaving, visit a good book store in your area. They will have excellent choices. The Michelin Green Guide and Frommer's Guide are good guides to start with.  We have a collection of guide books at the Mas for you to borrow.

Q. Is there public transportation to the house?

A. No there isn't. We are located in the countryside.  You will need to rent a car.

Q. Can I walk to town to buy bread and pastries in the morning?

A. The closest towns are St. Martin and Maussane. I would suggest driving, as it would take at least 30+ minutes to walk to them. However, if you have a bike, you could ride.

Q. How do I contact you to make these arrangements?

A. Click on the "contact us" link and we will respond within 24 hours