DATE                                   PRICE FOR THE WEEK

                 January 1st - April 27th, 2018                                                                       € 5500

                 April 28th - June 15th, 2018                                                                          € 6200

                 June 16th - Aug 31st, 2018                                                                           € 8800

                 Sept 1st - Oct 26th, 2018                                                                              € 6200                

                 Oct 27th - Dec 31st , 2018                                                                            € 5500

For the list of services included with the rental please refers to the Home page, Paragraph : Services included in the rental.

For the extra services, please send us a request so we can give you a quote.

 *For multiple weeks, please contact us for the discount prices

Terms of service:

Complete the reservation form, mail it back to us and book the rental using our on-line secured reservation system.

You are responsible for the compliance of members of your party for the following conditions, and for the payment of the full price of the rental. 

1 -Payment conditions 

The balance is due eight weeks prior to arrival.  Failure to do so may constitute a reason for cancellation and cancellation charges (see section 4).

Note: If the reservation is made less than eight weeks before your arrival, the entire amount of the rental will be due.  

2 -Rental Price 

The prices given are in Euros. Contact us for the US Dollar amount.  The rental week runs from  Saturday at 4 PM to the next Saturday at 10 AM.

The property is rented fully furnished and equipped. 

For the list of services included with the rental please refer to the Home page, See : Services included in the rental.
For the extra services, please send us a request so we can give you a cost. Send a request using contact@masdelafourbine.com

3 -Security deposit 

We require a security deposit of $3000 US or €2200 to cover the cost of any damages to the property or its contents. The security deposit  will be returned within four weeks after your departure with a detailed account of money spent for repairs or replacement, if any. 

4 -Cancellation by your Party 

If you must cancel your reservation, it must be in  writing sent by mail or email. The effective date will be the date we receive the information. If the cancellation happens less than eight weeks before arrival, the deposit will not be refunded and a full payment for the rental will be due. 

5 -Arrival and Departure 

The arrival time at the property is between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Saturday.  Departure is the following  Saturday at 10:00 AM.

We request that you leave the premises in the same condition as you found it. That is, the dishes should be put in the dishwasher and turned on.  If you moved any furniture in the bedrooms or in the rest of the house, please return it to its original location.  Please tidy up the rooms.  

Heavy cleaning will be done by the cleaning service.  They will change the beds and wash all towels upon your departure. 


6- Cleaning

The house is always cleaned before your arrival  and all the bedrooms are prepared with clean sheets and towels.  Linens are changed weekly.  Your rental price includes 4 hours of maid services during the week. Should you requite more, extra hours can be purchased.  Let management know ahead of time and we will arrange for the cleaning lady to come more often.  As mentioned, there is a fee for extra service. 



7 - Pets

Pets are not allowed on the property. If we find  that you have brought your pets with you, we may be forced to cancel your stay with no refund. 

8 -Responsibilities 

You are responsible for all damage or loss incurred during your stay. At the end of your stay, the management will inspect the property and review the inventory of items which was left for your use. Anything missing or broken may be charged to you. See section 3.

 9 -Number of people allowed in the Property 

Only the people listed on the reservation form are allowed to spend the night on the property. The house sleeps a maximum of 13 people in beds.    We can offer 1 baby crib and 1 blow up mattress at no additional charge.  Day guests are welcome. 

10 -Complaints you may have 

In the event you are not satisfied with your accommodations, the first thing to do is to contact us or the your agency who will do their best to resolve your problems.  When the complaint is within the responsibility of the Owners, please address them. However if you leave the property before the departure date, your complaint will be considered as null and void.

11 - Access rights to the owner 

The owner or his/her representative has the right to inspect the property for maintenance purpose. The owner will make sure to call in advance to set up a time convenient to you. 

12 - Owner’s liability and Agency liability 

We are not responsible for the death or personal injuries of anyone listed on the booking form or other visiting persons unless this results from the negligence of the Property Owner. 

We cannot be held responsible for the breakdown of any mechanical equipment, nor for any public utilities such as electricity, telephone, and Internet. We will do our best to repair any breakdowns and get things up and working as quickly as possible.

13 -Linen 

We provide sheets and towels at the property, including a limited amount of beach towels to be used at the pool.

14 - Swimming Pool 

The swimming pool is available from June to end of September. It will be cleaned weekly during this period. Although you can use the swimming pool during the low season, we do not assure regular cleaning during this time.  The security system will stay on during spring, summer and fall. Between October 15th and May 1st, the pool is closed to everyone. 

15 - Social events 

Wedding and special events can be held on the property.  Please make your request in writing. Include the details and the type of social event you intend to have. If you are interested, our Event Planner can provide you with a quote. 

16 - Security and Valuables 

The owner is not responsible for any theft or burglary which may occur during your stay. Do not bring any valuable items if you cannot secure their safety.